Friday, October 1, 2010

Auld Age

I think we all reach an age where the body no longer wants to put up with the torture we inflict on it from working too hard, or indeed playing too hard.
After another week of pushing the old carcase to the limits at work, and suffering all the resulting aches in joints and muscles, this little verse popped out of my old brain cell. Perhaps proving that the body may be getting weak, but the brain is still running on 5 of it's 4 available cylinders.
It was also partly inspired by a line from a Willie Nelson song. " Old age and treachery, always overcomes youth and skill".

Auld Age

Auld age dusna come itsel, it taks it's kin alang,
da aches an pains an niggly bits dat bugger up your crang.
Veesits tae da doctor get shorter in atween,
you book da neest appointment afore da hidmaest een is been.

Bit auld age isna aa aboot da tings dat will geeng wrang,
dir's wan muckle bonus aboot livin fur sae lang.
Auld age an glegness will elweys play it's bit,
ta owerpooer da young eens overly ös o bullsh*t.


  1. Thanks again Trish for your comments. It's nice to know that somebody reads these daft little verses.
    There are hundreds more which I haven't got round to posting yet as work keeps getting in the way of fun.
    But, if you're interested there has been a few strange moments when I committed a couple of my verses to video... Try copying and pasting this link: