Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wrack Wid

Now that autumn is approaching rapidly, and stormy weather more likely, I started thinking about the thrill I used to get from finding drift wood (wrack wid) along the shores (banks) of Shetland.
There was no greater excitement for a beach comber (wrackie man), than hearing on Radio Shetland that a wood carrying boat had lost a deck cargo.
I'll never forget the early 70s when such an event happened. A form of driftwood fueled insanity crept into the daily life of many Shetlanders. Women were left wondering if they still had a husband, until he came home in the middle of the night soaking wet from his nights work of dragging timber from the sea.
That particular event was even immortalised in a song, by Eddie Barclay  on his 1983 album 'Hame Aboot', called 'Widdy Ert'.

Well, here's my thoughts on the noble act of saving timber from the ocean. It may not read well, but it sounds good when sung. Even with my voice. ;)

Da Wrackie Man’s Prayer
(Set loosely to the tune of: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean)

I stood on da banks bro dis moarnin,
Wi my een peegin hard ‘po da sea,
An I offered a prayer ta da Guid Loard,
Wid he please send som wrack wid ta me.

Wrack wid, wrack wid,
Dael planks an battens,
A wrackie man’s spree,
Wrack wid, wrack wid,
Oh Loard send some wrack wid ta me.

I ken a’m no much fir da kirk Loard,
So please dunna tink ill o me,
Whin I ask dee ta do as a’m biddin,
An please send some wrack wid ta me.


Da last time du sent wis a scaur loard,
Hit fair filt me auld heart wi glee,
Bit hit aa guid ta big a new hen hoose,
So send a deck cargo ta me.


Dis time I need wid fur a box bed,
Ta keep da wife closer ta me,
Shö wins oot o a king size ower aesy,
So Loard send some wrack wid ta me.


Inch planks wid be awfully handy,
Less cutting an sawin fur me,
An meybe a guid fower inch pit prop,
Loard I need a new dröltin tree.


By the way, if anybody wants translation on any of the words, or verses, just ask, and I'll do my best.

Yun's aa fir enoo

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