Saturday, December 18, 2010

Da Nose Hair

No doubt like most men my age there is a tendency for hairs to grow where they're not wanted, as well as hairs not to grow where they are wanted.
Last year I had a lot of trouble with my dear peerie trowie trying to remove a rather unsightly hair from the point of my nose with either fingers nails or tweezers.
This little verse was the result of those encounters.

Da Nose Hair

Just a peerie black craetir,
Staandin firmly on his ain,
He’s never buddered me afore,
Ir geen me ony pain.

Bit fir reasons dat I canna say,
Her indoors dusna laek da geezer,
An tries ta tweak da beggar oot,
Wi fingers nails ir tweezers.

Why ta hell it budders her,
Da Loard alone just knows,
It’s just a peerie curly hair,
Dat grows oot o me nose.

Auld Rasmie


  1. I love this one. Thanks for the laugh

  2. Thanks Trish... And the damned wife is still threatening me with tweezers... It's the best shaved nose hair in the world now. ;)