Monday, December 6, 2010

Da Tinkin Shair

Inspiration for this little ditty was the wife. And her very comfortable connection with her favourite chair.

Da Tinkin Shair

Maest every hoos böst hae een,
a peaceful saaft auld shair,
whaur you can sit an winder on
your life an aa hit’s cares.

Da een atil wir hoos
reclines an geengs near flat.
Bit da wife haes life lang tenure,
hit’s whaur shö’s elweys sat.

Sometimes fae dat shair
I hear a peerie snorie soond,
bit if I mention sleepin,
Shö’ll whirl her heed around.

An tell me in a wye I ken
dat I söd no dispute,
Dat shö wis only tinkin,,,,
Aboot sleepin, I hae nae doot.

Auld Rasmie

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