Thursday, August 12, 2010

Da Best Tings i Life

I suppose that nostalgia was the root of this little verse which I wrote last year.
No doubt all Shetland exiles have thoughts from time to time about the things they miss about the islands.
Although, sitting in the glory of a West Norway summer's afternoon, with the temperature several degrees above any Shetland record, it's a bit hard to think about force 8 horizontal rain and salt spray, with any degree of longing. ;)

Da Best Tings i Life

A greetin bairn du can had i de airm,
a lass du can cuddle ta keep dysel warm,
an Olick dat maks dee airms sair whin du hauls him,
an a lang lost freend dat's plaesed whin du calls him.

A beer dat's sae cauld dy troats laek ta freeze,
a curry sae hot dat du faas tae dy knees,
a warm simmers day whin da Laevriks ir trillin,
an troots i da tap o da loch ir swillin.

A cauld winters nicht upö a craig stane,
sprootin soe fur sillocks, dy tae ta tak hame,
a tocht o da place du wis boarn an cam fae,
Shetlan, oh Loard, whit mair cud du hae.

Auld Rasmie

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