Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shetlan's Screwed

Some time after I wrote the previous verse I got to thinking more about the proposed Viking Energy wind farm, and what people will feel if/when permission is given for the project to go ahead. My own feelings of hatred for Viking Energy, Shetland Islands Council, and indeed the shower at Hollyrood, were starting to come to a head when I wrote this verse.

Shetlan's Screwed

I can see da windmills turnin, an aa da hills ir spread,
wi da concraet an da metal, fae da windferm dat dey sed,
wid bring da money tae da isle, an gie wis wealth galore,
bit is onybody tocht foo da isle's treated laek a whore.

Prostituted fur da fact dat Scotlan's affshore isle,
canna be seen fae Edinburgh's parliamentary pile.
Maist fok sed dey didna want it, bit maist fok hed nae say,
Shetlan's screwed dat's a fact, da islands mirkest day.

So big da whirliegigs upö da isle, lat Vikin hae dir wye,
laeve paece tae da croftir tae fasten furt his kye.
Bit neever wance tink dat a Shetlan man excuses,
dat wirtless Shetlan Cooncil craetirs fir aa o dir abuses.

Auld Rasmie

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