Friday, August 6, 2010

Vikin Hill Fermir

On a recent visit to Shetland I took a wander up to the wind farm above Dale. The hill is a lovely place for views over Tingwall, and west towards Skeld,  but in my opinion the windmills do nothing to help the scenery.
A few, like those aren't too bad, but what will Shetland be like when Viking Energy build their proposed mega wind farm?
When their plans were first revealed, a year or two ago, I put pen to paper and came up with this mildly critical little scribble.

Vikin Hill Fermir

Dir’s aye been Shetlan crofters, wi sheep upö da hills,
da grain o money dat dey mak just aetin up wi bills.
Bit noo a Vikin fermir is set his sichts up high,
he wants at tak da hills ower, bit no fir grazin kye.

He’s gyain ta plant some whirlie gigs ta harness power fae wind.
He says  “They’ll not affect the view”, he böst tink fok ir blind.
Dey’ll be seen fae every angle, veesible fir teens o miles,
a pain ta da een dat’ll feel da sam, as a backside foo o piles.

Dis Vikin fermir tells wis,“It’s a golden opportunity,
to bring prosperity to Shetland, and help the local community.”
Of coorse he’s bound ta say dat, til he gets da go aheed,
be dan da common Shetlander'll be wisin he wis deed.

Da Vikin’ll mak some money, an wi luck he’ll pey his bills,
bit he’ll never gie a tocht ta da wye he’s ruined wir hills.
I maybe widna care sae muckle, if eftir he wis trow,
da whirlie gig crangs he leaves ahent cud shelter an auld hill yowe.

Bit eftir he’s med his money, he’ll hae nae tocht fur da place,
he’ll leave wir boanie isles laek a monimental disgrace.
Worn oot whirlie gigs, scattered ower da hills.
Nae view ta get da tourists back, ta help wis pay wir bills.

Vikins raided wis afore, dey cam here be da hunder
Dey nae doot gluffed da local fok, wi dir pillage, rape an plunder
Bit dis modern Vikin’s a gritter de’il, dan ony dat cam wi da sea
Fur dis plunderin Vikin fermir, haes da help o da SIC.

Auld Rasmie

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